Nashdale Orchards


We grow a number of varieties of cherries including Lapins, Stella, Sylvia, Samba, Sweetheart, Sweet Georgia, Regina and Kordia. Our growing and harvesting practices ensure the cherries are of export quality to meet some of the most stringent protocol markets in the world. Picking the fruit early in the morning when it is cool, then taking small batches at a time shortly after picking to the Biteriot packing shed for hydrocooling gives the fruit the best possible chance of staying firm and crunchy. Our cherries are graded and packed using state of the art photo imigary equipment by the Biteriot Operations team.


At Nashdale Orchards we grow a number of different varieties of apples. Consumer demand for particular varieties is ever changing. We grow Alvina, Fiero Fuji , Royal Gala, Fuji, Ruby Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Kanzi. All our produce is Freshcare certified which allows us to meet customer requirements and maximises our market opportunities. Our apples are picked at the optimum time for flavour and crispness and are packed by packing facilities in the local area. You know what they apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Nashdale Orchards is a family owned and operated, medium sized fruit growing enterprise. Our export certified produce can be found all over the world from Sydney Markets to China, Thailand and Vietnam and more. We undertake external annual quality assurance program audits to maintain access to as many markets as possible. We employ many seasonal workers each year over the harvesting months. We have a dedicated camping area available, offering adequate facilities in a spacious, friendly, peaceful environment. We are located less than 8 kilometers to the city of Orange and are in close proximity to Lake Canobolas - a popular attraction frequented by both locals and tourists for picnics, walking and swimming.